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Welcome to Teqtique!

April 15, 2015

Welcome to TEQTIQUE!

Born out of frequent reading of male-focused tech blogs and one frustrating night spent searching local retailers for a new, unique phone case (unsuccessfully).

Quite simply, TEQTIQUE is a curated online shopping destination that fills a gap in the market for women everywhere looking to discover and purchase new, on-trend and functional tech products and accessories that fit into our daily life, all on one single dedicated platform.

Technology seamlessly forms a huge part of our lifestyles nowadays, and fashion… well, fashion and style have always been a part of it. Yet options for women to technology products have been limited and heavily segmented over the years, and often items are not even marketed to us when they certainly could be. But this is all changing thanks to the global push to address the false misconception that technology, as an interest and to purchase, is relevant to men only.

Teqtique’s curated platform offers practical, handbag-friendly, stylish and innovative products from brands and designers who we feel not only have amazing products, but also a strong ethos and a passion for what they do. That’s why, when we discover excellent/ new/ worthwhile/ ingenious products, we put them straight onto the website and feature them on the blog so you can learn a bit more about them.

And, if you’re a guy and you’ve chanced across this site, don’t be put off. At the end of the day it’s all down to the product. It has been chosen for a reason. So go ahead and purchase it, and just ignore the fancy ribbon that will come on your packaging. Tie it to your luggage, they make it handy to pick out of the pile, if anything.

What you’re seeing on the site is just the beginning. We welcome feedback, suggestions for new brands, and ideas on what you want to see on the blog and in the store. We’re here for you.



Founder & CEO

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