Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: Webby Awards, Anna Wintour sitting in a parking space & Amy Schumer

May 3, 2015

(Today’s weather ^) It’s only Sunday and London’s long weekend is already proving to be very newsworthy. Yesterday, another Royal Baby arrived, a little girl who is 4th in line to the throne. Then came the very sad announcement that the young CEO of Survey Monkey and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, David Goldberg, had sadly passed away for unknown reasons (also infamously known as the mega-inspirational Sheryl Sandberg’s husband). Finally, it culminated in a boxing match of legends, with Mayweather beating Pacquiao (feel free to insert your own digs at this win, here). 

Here are some lighter Sunday collections to take you through today’s rain:

Please send your #nomakeupselfie’s (I guess this means the hashtag is back?), #clownselfie’s, carpark seating arrangements, and thoughts on Doerr’s novel to

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