Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: punctuality was so last season, dating celebrities on Tinder, & nanorobotics

July 12, 2015

Do you find that when you live somewhere for a long time you never actually end up exploring or appreciating the sights? I mean, the touristy spots that you would otherwise discover if you were on holiday or making an active effort to learn more about the history and significance of certain areas. Or even smaller things, like when you go on holiday somewhere and you end up taking photos of “interesting” buildings, cars, trees, and all sorts or random things that you wouldn’t otherwise notice in your own city or town? I had a friend visit this week, and for the first time in my life I actually walked around those tourist hubs of London and took photos of “interesting” buildings, which, if they were in Paris, or Rome, I would have taken a photo of and exclaimed “wow! so pretty!” and my first photo at Trafalgar Square. If you’re going out today, slow down (which us Londoners never tend to do), and look around. If you happen to also walk past something rather “touristy”, why not go inside and take a peek? – Jenn

Here’s what caught our eye when we caught up with the internet, yesterday:

  • If you were pissed off when Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling got back together, and your friend’s joked “as if you had a chance!”? Well, you can now laugh back in their faces as your chances of dating celebrities are sorted. It’s no secret they frequent Tinder (though often difficult to tell whether you’re about to be mega catfish-ed), but with the new Tinder authenticated profiles, you now know when Gyllenhaal really is Gyllenhaal. Happy swiping! (Quartz)
  • Introducing, With the Locals – your new Instagram-based travel guide for serious wanderlust & coffeespiration! (Instagram)
  • It’s no secret we’re Wes Anderson fans if you’ve been reading our Sunday Roundups since Teqtique’s inception. Naturally, we were very excited to discover The Grand Budapest Hotel has been turned into a game(Maquisard)
  • A mainstay & icon in the fashion industry, Iris Van Herpen actually gets us when it comes to the new age of fashion and technology. I’m not talking about wearable cuffs, flashing trainings, but innovation through production – think synthetic biology & nanorobotics. (Business of Fashion)
  • This one has been all over the news this week, so if you missed it and now don’t know where to start, here’s the best way to catch up on exactly what the China stock market crash was and what it means. (Vox)
  • An in depth look into the cult of Vice and its CEO Shane Smith. (Columbia Journalism Review) #LongRead
  • Since it’s Wimbledon week, here’s an inspiring ‘Letter to my Younger Self’ from Pete Sampras that reminds us all to step back and appreciate. (The Players Tribune). 
  • For people who are always late, from someone who is always late (and getting to the bottom of it via a series of cuss-friendly images). (Wait but Why)


Please send all letters to your younger selves, celeb-Tinder stories and local travel tips to

Our snapshot this week is a picture of a really cool building I liked pre-instagram alignment (it’s in Borough Market, London Bridge). 

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