Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: Nude Loubs, becoming a fake jihadi girlfriend & how to dress to get on a camel

June 28, 2015

What. a. week. But I’m not going to discuss anything negative, sad, or heartbreaking here. But ? at the news in the last few days. So instead, I’m going to focus on celebrating the amazing things that happened, like the Supreme Court ruling making same-sex marriage a right across the US, turning Teqtique into a platform that celebrates the fusion of technology & fashion, and the fact that I got to see a half naked Bradley Cooper in the flesh and the whole cast’s utterly incredible production of The Elephant Man (sorry, no photos of that I’m afraid). So there’s that. Chin up and stay merry today! – Jenn

Here’s what we’ve been reading this week:

  • It’s reading season and for the budding entrepreneurs out there here are 50 books recommended by 50 successful entrepreneurs who say these changed their lives. Maybe they’ll change yours too. (Entrepreneur)
  • Louboutin extended its ‘nude’ collection to all skin tones. This is the first major luxury brand to do so, and we’re very happy that it will be in the form of a nice, glitzy pair of Loubs, the ultimate ‘essential’. (Dazed)
  • A French journalist posed online as a young woman interested in ISIS, and soon became a jihadi girlfriend – this is the story of what happened next(The Guardian) #LongRead
  • Historian and author of popular novel, Sapiens: A brief history of mankind, Yuval Noah Harari shares his thoughts on why humans run the world, and believes it’s ultimately because we know how to cooperate with strangers flexibly in large numbers. Of course this cooperation isn’t always kind. (TED)
  • I shared this link a the week before last and it had a lot of people praising its ingenuity. It’s a web scrape of every ‘How to dress like’ guide on the web. If you were looking for some inspiration for this week, here you go. I’m thinking, ‘how to dress to go to a detention’ is my look for next week. I’m definitely going to make it work werk. (How to Dress Like)
  • Apparently, it pays to be nice, even if the other person is a horrible asshole. David Rand explains why on both a personal friendship level and why it’s important to maintain it at work. (The Atlantic) #LongRead
  • This one rings true to me, and is one of many reasons why I left the corporate world. But that’s a story for another time. Many people put their 110% into their jobs, caring so much about it that it becomes our identity and we become so emotionally invested in it that it creeps in and influences the time we’re supposed to ‘disconnect’ and live our lives. Here are 5 signs that it is happening to you, and why it shouldn’t! Also this website is the absolute best. (The Muse)
  • WATCH: the newest Kurt Cobain documentary trailer that has everyone going crazy and police wanting to reopen his case. (YouTube)


Our reads this week were pretty heavy, kind of like the week. Please send all career epiphanies, ‘How to Dress Like’ #ootd pictures and free Loubs to (so that we can give you an address for the free heels you want to of course, send us).

Our snapshot of the week is from a trip to Jackson & Rye where we stuffed ourselves silly with buttermilk fried chicken & cocktails.

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