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Sunday Roundup: How to get hired by Angela Ahrendts, new emoji & why you should be more confrontational

August 30, 2015
Sunday Roundup 30/08/2015 on

It appears that summer has already gone here in London. We were pretty lucky this year with TWO FULL WEEKS of temperature over 25c! (Did you catch the sarcasm there? Just checking.) This recent turn of events/weather has me scrambling to finish up a few things before autumn kicks in. An End-of-summer-bucket-list, if you will before the wind, more rain, and green was but a color of the past. Said list includes, one last al fresco meal (likely to resemble The Last Supper painting but with more wine and less men); a final aimless wander through central London when everyone is smiling and happy because it’s still light at 6pm; an activity requiring lazing on the grass, like reading or eating cheese; wasting time on a rooftop, preferably one that doubles as a bar; and feeling the sand in my toes somewhere it isn’t freezing. Now, I just need it to stop raining… – Jenn


Here’s what we’ve been reading & loving this week:


Please send all confrontational stories, iced coffees and new emoji suggestions to

Our snapshot this week is titled “The Last Days of Summer” as depicted by largely revealing shoes;  highly impractical when it rains and due to its composition of pony hair.

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