Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: Cute sea bunnies, people getting ill from kale & why AirBnB founders have probably got the best evil laughter around

July 19, 2015

I’m one of those Londoners who just stares at the ground when on the tube. Headphones over my ears (the sound probably so loud that it echoes down the carriage, but whatever), arms crossed, bag on lap, and head down. If I look up and I catch someone staring at me, I’m going to stare at you back for a couple of seconds longer than normal, or until I’ve succeeded in making you feel uncomfortable enough to stop. It’s always a tourist, because a Londoner knows to only give you a swift glance, then look at a few more people to make it seem like the attention wasn’t just on you or like they’re just casually taking in the environment. Maybe next week I’ll do a tube etiquette guide? I’m curious to know whether ‘public transport etiquette’ differs in your countries? – Jenn

Like a turntable, these stories have been spinning for us this week:

  • We’re always fascinated with how bloggers pull of those flawless editorial-worthy shots on Instagram, and now we do! It’s not just us who thinks this is a lot of effort right? (Elle)
  • And here’s all that we actually try to do right now. This is a great piece of advice if you were thinking of taking the plunge into self-employment or have been having this conversation recently. You know who you are! (The WW Club)
  • If you were having a pretty low week, or someone was royally pissing you off, read this and laugh. Now THESE people are probably kicking themselves while AirBnB cackle to themselves, muttering “Karma!!!”. (Medium)
  • We’ve been pondering our wardrobes after reading this insightful piece titled ‘Thoughts on clothing‘ (Okreal)
  • Freaking ourselves out reading about the earthquake that will destroy the coastal North West America in a matter of time. (The New Yorker) #LongRead
  • Sea creatures that look like bunnies. Awwwwwwww. (Open after ?)(Bored Panda)
  • Here’s something we hope to do when things get less crazy – a bit on modern globetrotting from Portugal to South Africa, and how the term has moved from ‘glamping’ to something entirely different and more long-term. Don’t open the link if you don’t want to be seriously inspired to pack your bags immediately. (Freunde von Freunden)
  • KALE H8ERS: People are getting seriously ill from eating kale (also make sure to click on the link about the kale that tastes like bacon) (Delish) #kalehorrorstories
  • Here’s one extra – sign up to LENNY (Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner’s new newsletter on all things style, health, politics, and more. I’m sure we can expect there to be no boundaries here).


Please send all cute sea creature photos, karma tales and stories about your wardrobe pieces to

Our snapshot of this week is of an umbrella installation, because that’s pretty much what this week has been like. As you can see we need to practice our Instagram editing skills.

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