Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: Cheese Wheels, Obama & Emoji Research

April 26, 2015
Spring Blossoms by Follow us on Instagram @Teqtique

For a while spring had arrived in all its pink-blossom and blue-skied glory. But this morning we’re all gloom and grey skies here at the Teqtique HQ in London. The only good thing that comes of these sorts of days is that you feel less guilty about taking twice as long to get a move on in the morning. That, and there’s nothing quite like having a relaxing day indoors with a nice cup of tea and a book.

We’re starting these weekly roundup posts to share with you things that have been on our radar this week. Something to tide you over each Sunday while you’re drinking your morning coffee, biting into a croissant, or for when you can’t be bothered to move out of bed. If you want to get these in your inbox each week, sign up here.

Please send all life chronicles, music recommendations and cheese wheels to Emails written entirely of  emojis are acceptable ✌️

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