Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: Bill Cosby, turning your identity into a corporation & dancing to Psycle London’s June playlist

August 2, 2015
National Gallery London - Teqtique Snapshot

This week I was asked what my career Plan B would be. And not a genuine Plan B based off my current skill set and education (answer: I have absolutely no idea what I’d do), but a ‘if I could go back and start all over again without limitations’ one. I settled on archeologist or art curator. Weird, huh? I’m going to leave you with that question for your Sunday – what would you do? – Jenn

Here’s what has been spinning around in our heads this week:

Please send all Dropbox hacks, Birkin bags, and proposed interview questions for Hollywood women to

Our snapshot this week is of the National Gallery in London. It doesn’t exactly have the same glamorous ring as ‘sitting on the steps of The Met’, but it’s pretty damn beautiful in the sun.

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