Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: Automated tinder robots, a Clueless retrospective & how you can find an Easter Egg in August

August 16, 2015
Push Your Fears Aside Quote

I never really fully understood creativity until recently. I always thought of it as something artsy and linked to having a talent and ideas in the space of music, theatre, art or something else in similar vein. But recently I’ve realized it’s more than just that – it’s thinking outside of the box, inventing, being able to perceive the world in different ways, and imagination – turning all of that into reality, but not necessarily culminating in a physical product. What does creativity mean to you?  – Jenn

Current things that you can pop into conversation this week to debate and/or sound cool:

  • Swipe right always? This physical bot that automates your tinder will actually analyze the pictures and either swipe right or left if it things he or she is a good match for you. (Creative Applications)
  • Research claims that it’s not emotional valence that gives us creativity (positive vs. negative emotions, as previously thought) but motivational intensity. This, is what should be assessed and offered when looking to stimulate creativity in the workplace alongside mere positive and negative emotions. Embrace the messy. (Harvard Business Review)
  • The culture of taste – a thought-provoking article on why we should have a canon of taste. We have a canon for literature, art, architecture and more, so why not? (If you haven’t had breakfast yet, do, the food descriptions will make you hungry). (Aeon)
  • You’ve likely heard about Google’s new umbrella company, Alphabet. But did you know that the founders put an easter egg in the announcement? They have a sense of humor! Here’s how you can find it. (Mashable)
  • There’s a Mallrats and Clueless art retrospective that celebrates 20 years of American mall culture. (Hopes & Fears)
  • A few Sunday Roundups ago, when news broke that Yoox and Net-A-Porter were merging we shared a short article that discussed what the merger might mean for e-commerce and luxury fashion. Now that time has passed, the details are looking much clearer, the background of the merger has been shared, and Net-A-Porter founder, Massenet, has finally spoken about what it all means(The Cut) #LongRead
  • Living conditions such as this, is what being a co-founder of Facebook gets you. (Corcoran)


Please send all mall art, thoughts on what should be included in the taste canon, home-made tinder robots to

Our snapshot this week is just a little reminder not to let your fears hold you back. Image from Pinterest, source unknown. 

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