Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: a trip to the V&A at 4am, Seth & Ryan: an OC musical, & Trump who didn’t trump

July 5, 2015

As I was spooning a slab of butter into my pan to make the smoothest, creamiest scrambled eggs, I realized there are two types of people in this world – those that cook with butter, and those that don’t. Which are you? – Jenn


Here’s a list of things to read because it’s likely what people will be talking about on Monday, or you can be the first (please, as if I watch soccer for ‘fun’):


Please send all relocation tales, suggested OC musical scores & heart-warming stories to This was a bit of a serious week, wasn’t it?

Our snapshot this week is from the Coq D’Argent rooftop in Central London where we decided to host our meetings this week, because yay for sunshine. My screen looks so dusty, but I swear it isn’t.

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