Sunday Roundup

Sunday Roundup: 100 most powerful women, swearing off the modern man & gin gummies

May 31, 2015
Smith & Sinclair

I’ve never been one of those channel-flipping television watcher, but I do watch the odd US tv show. I often find they’re perfectly timed to 20, 30 or 42 mins per episode which makes them perfect company while I’m eating lunch or dinner if at home. A HBO 1 hour session if I’m feeling especially lazy or procrastinating the accounts. Now it’s hiatus season there’s not much on and I’ve found myself binging on a Canadian cop show, Rookie Blue. There’s nothing scandalous, cutting-edge or particularly cinematically pleasing about it (aka it’s no HBO or Showtime drama). The plot line is dramatic (but not to Shondaland standards), there’s lots of heartbreak and some really bad ass cops who love to fly tackle. I’m so hooked. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just lacking good television? If you have any recommendations for me and suggestions to ease me off this strange binge, please let me know! In the mean time… I’m off to watch Season 3. It’s Sunday ok!!! – Jenn

Here’s what to read today:

  • Levi’s becomes the first official partner for Google’s Project Jacquard. While the details of the partnership are yet to be shared, it’s not hard to guess what our jeans may be able to do soon.
  • This week Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison for his founding of Silk Road. Two weeks ago we shared Part 1 of Wired’s coverage of the Silk Road saga. Here’s Part 2. (#longread)
  • If you follow our Instagram, it’s no surprise we enjoy a cocktail or two on hump days and Fridays. That’s why we were super excited to discover Smith & Sinclair who make spirit-based confectionaries. Candy and gin. What more could anyone want on a Wednesday night?
  • Forbes released their 100 most powerful women. Prepare to be inspired.
  • Maybe your parents said this, or maybe you heard it at work during training, but the phrase “you can tell a lot about a person by the strength of their handshake” is rather well-known. Apparently it also tells you how long a person is going to live.
  • In an exclusive interview, Stephen Fry speaks to Jony Ive on his epic new promotion this week to Chief Design Officer at Apple (and Tim Cook) and what the future holds for him and Apple, all over a sprawling view of the futuristic, new Apple campus.
  • If your double chin recently dominated a selfie, consider getting a second Instagram account for your “finstas”. Confused? It’s the newest Instagram trend created by teenagers where you post images that would typically be sent via private messages to your friends or via Snapchat. Will this become the Snapchat killer?
  • Swearing off the Modern Man. Just read it. We promise you’ll love it.


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Image from: Smith & Sinclair

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