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NEW IN: Lutman Design

July 20, 2015

While we haven’t exactly fulfilled our visions of holographic screens or clear glass displays a la Minority report, we are a step closer, at least, through wireless charging thanks to Lutman Design.  Based out of Ljubljana, Slovenia, the design studio knows and understands that clunky design, tangled wires and a whole lot of plastic isn’t the way forward when it comes to technology.

Each piece, (and yes we are calling them ‘pieces’ because anything that looks like it could be a sculpture or home decor item in itself deserves to be called as such) has been handcrafted from organic and sustainably sourced walnut wood, combined with either high-gloss ceramic in black or white or coated in platinum silver or gold for those who want something a little less minimalist and more lavish.

Simply tap your phone or tablet onto the stand and the innovative micro-suction surface will grip your phone firmly in place, while allowing you rotate the device horizontal or vertical as you please and even use your device while it’s charging. All you need is a QI-enabled smartphone or tablet, and if you don’t have one of those you can easily get a compatible slip on case or patch/sticker that will discretely fit between your phone and cover or inside stuck onto your phone battery. They’re pretty darn cheap and available on Amazon, here’s an example.

You can now say goodbye to tangled cables and hello to an innovative, fashion-conscious way to stay fully charged at 100%. You know what they say, ‘charged device, happy life’. Ok, they don’t really say that but think back to how you felt when your battery was at 6%. See?

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