About Us

Teqtique is a curated online boutique for women looking to discover & purchase luxury, tech-focused fashion.

Teqtique is for women who seek the newest, hottest and most innovative in designer and brand talent. For those who wish to discover covetable products that are functional, luxury, and always on-trend. We showcase products that display the mergence between fashion and technology from brands who acknowledge that the future of these industries go hand in hand.

We created Teqtique for three primary reasons: to make it easier for women to discover and purchase fashionable tech-focused products, accessories and apparel; to change the misconception and stereotype that tech is a men’s-only domain; and to make accessible the new wave of fashion that comes from the fusion between fashion and tech, embodied by innovative technological creations that are fashionable and blend seamlessly into our daily lives.

Teqtique champions independent, emerging and established designers and brands who care about what they’re producing and how they produce it: those who break away from the mold and are changing the landscape of technology and fashion. We showcase the products of those who focus just as much on design and aesthetics as they do hardware, and who actually remember that there is another gender to whom their products matter. The brands that are committed to creating products via revolutionary new tech methods, by using innovative new materials, or simply making an everyday tech product work and look that much better. We aim to put these pioneers on the map, wherever they are in the world.

Through the Teqtique platform we want to encourage fashion and technology brands and designers to create products that sit outside of the norm – products that are fashion-forward so they complement our lifestyles while also built on great hardware, and fashion that is produced through state of the art means to create the new age of contemporary fashion.

This is the future of fashion.

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