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7 Reasons Why We Love Frends Headphones

August 27, 2015
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We recently brought the Cali-Scandi inspired headphone brand, Frends, to Teqtique and we wanted to share with you seven reasons why we absolutely love their headphones and why we wanted to make them available to you.

1. They don’t hurt your ears.

Yes, this definitely comes #1 on our list. Women have typically erred on the side of caution when it comes to buying headphones… why? Well, if you’re wearing earrings (or even if you’re not), and you put on a pair of headphones they tend to squash your ears against your skull so harshly to the point they turn bright red, give you a headache and you end up piercing the sides of your skull as well (amirite?). These guys are so light on the ears you could wear a pair of statement earrings and feel almost nothing. Take this from someone who has worn a pair all day.

2. They’re compact & functional.

Move over Beats. Frends can do it too. The headphones bend into a compact shape which makes them perfect for packing away in your handbag, suitcase or backpack. Though personally, we much prefer hanging them off the handle of our handbag which seems to be one of the more popular ways of carrying them around. They also come in a nylon coated cord which means they don’t get too tangled in your umbrella or knotted when you pull them out. And to top it off, each pair comes with a 3-button mic with volume control which means you can go completely handsfree. Texting, walking, listening & talking ftw.

3. They look like an epic piece of statement jewelry around your neck.

Frends headphones are inspired by jewelry and come in gorgeous finishes like the Tahitian Pearl, Oil Slick, or for a more luxurious look – the Python. They have been designed to not just look good on your ears, but also hanging around your neck for quick access. Each pair also comes with a 3-setting piece, which means if they’re constantly plugged to your phone, all you have to do is pull them up and you can walk and talk.

4. They sound damn good. 

Depending on the model you choose, your headphones will come with either 40mm (Taylor) or 30mm (Layla) drivers. What the heck does that mean? Well, drivers are the reason why over ear headphones sound much better than earbuds (a ‘size matters’ thing) – they put the oomph in the bass. The higher your driver, the bigger your sound. 40mm drivers are typical to headphones of similar size (e.g. Beats), except of course a Frends pair look a whole lot better and are less clunky. In our opinion. (Super points to whoever caught that reference).

5. They have interchangeable caps which means you can mix and match your pair with your outfits.

Heading to brunch in an all black ensemble today? Opt for the Hollywood Regency cap. Or maybe you want to add some personality to your outfit, or simply are in a damn good mood – we’d opt for the Oil Slick caps. Whatever you’re feeling, whatever you’re wearing, and wherever you’re going, there’s a cap for that.

6. They look chic as hell. 

Did we not already mention these headphones look good? Take a look at some celebrities who agree and/or check out our Instagram for more.

7. They were created by a brand who knows what they’re doing.

It’s no surprise that women have been lacking in tech designed or even appropriately marketed to them. I mean, that’s why we started Teqtique! So it’s refreshing for a brand to pull off making something that works well for women and sound technically brilliant too.

Have you bought a pair already? Tell us why you love your Frends headphones!

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